Limewire Pro

Limewire Pro is a file sharing platform which is completely built on Java programming language. It completely enables a user to share different files and folders over the internet to different people who have installed the Limewire Pro on their systems. This file sharing platform works on Microsoft windows, Apple Mac and Linux operating systems. This file sharing platform is built by Limewire LLC which is a subsidiary of the Lime group. They have releases two versions of the file sharing platform – free version and paid version. According to the company, the paid version has enhanced option which enables a user to download files from different locations with increased speeds. There is also increase in the search criteria that you perform in the Limewire Pro.

Previous versions have been dropped and a stable release of version has been released which completely uses the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) internet gateway which helps forward the packets over the internet with the help of routers. The sharing is dependent of Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP). From the 4th version, Limewire Pro has enabled the option to encrypt connections with the help of TLS. The later versions which were released use TLS as their default connection preferences. The paid version of the software cost you $34.95 for one year which includes all the updates and various up-gradation offers. When performed a search using the Limewire Pro for different files present over the internet, the turn-around time for the list is considered to be 66% faster and also has advanced options.

You can now share all your files to all your friends without the need to create links and send the links to their mail. You can simply give accesses to your friends IP address so that they will download the files easily. If you would like to have faster download speed then you will have to purchase the paid version so that you will have faster downloads and also have 66% more search results when you search for a particular file in the Limewire Pro. The subscribed package comes with all the necessary updates whenever the software is updated and also you will have different offers sent to you which you can accept if you like their service and the product. In all, Limewire Pro is the happening platform for many people around the globe to share files.

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